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Do you need to outsource a product from overseas? Do you need to cut your cost? Don’t worry… we take care of it all!

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Your Project Becomes Ours

We find the factory, negotiate the price, create a time line for production and set up shipments to our warehouse dock or yours.

Breeze Through Customs

We handle your entire freight including clearing your product with US customs. The paperwork and logistics involved in shipping cargo takes a lot of time, so we do it for you!

Round the Clock Service

We help problem solve and monitor the manufacturing process on-site for our customers who are located thousands of miles away in different time zones.

What do you need help with?

GSG has over 25 years of experience with Sub-Assembly, Logistics, Engineering, Quality Control, and Packaging services.


Global Sales Group can perform a wide range of assemblies, with simple to complex components.


Our total logistical solutions can be customized to meet any short or long-term needs.


Global Sales Group provides a start to finish engineering support service.

Quality Control

The most important aspect when sourcing thousands of parts is quality.


Global Sales Group offers custom packaging based on customer’s specifications.

Bridging the Gap
Between Languages

Our 30 years of experience has given GSG the ability to bridge the barriers of language, time, money and stress so our customers can concentrate on building their business.

We communicate with our engineering experts your product specifications and are on the factory floor when production begins.

Global Sales Group Manufacturing Representative Program

Global Sales Group offers exciting possibilities to manufacturers reps who are looking for offshore opportunities for their customers and prospects.