Global Sales Group supplies a wide variety of lawn mower/tractor accessories like seats, covers, tractor sun covers.


Die Casting & Cast Iron Parts


We mass-produce precision engineered aluminum and zinc die castings and assemblies. GSG also supplies precision machined, steel, grey and ductile iron castings. We can supply the product painted and with some assembly.




Global Sales Group supplies fuel filters for small engine applications.


Screw Machine


We supply a wide variety of screw machine parts, from simple to worm shafts with heat treatments and several types of gears: Sun, Planetary, Spur, Miter, Helical Worm, Bevel


Stamping & Sub-Assemblies


Global Sales Group can help you simplify your process by providing any of our products with some subassembly.


Textile Products


Global Sales Group can supply high volume and specialty industrial textile products: Grass Bags, Baggers, Blower/Vac Bags, Tote Bags, Straps.




We supply metal or plastic rim wheels with pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, polymer, or rubber tires for: Mowers, Lawn Tractors, Carts, Wheelbarrows, Snow Blowers, Golf Carts, & Other Products.


Wholesale Fabric


Importers of wholesale fabrics for the restaurant, hotel, special event, hospitality and healthcare industries.


Wholesale Items


We offer a variety of lightweight and compact generators with an assorted set of color options.


Wire Forms


Global Sales Group can meet your needs for all types of formed steel and wire products.


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